Why Hire a Security Consultant

How to come to be a certified safety shield

The private protection industry in Victoria is regulated with the aid of the Victoria Police Licensing Services Division. Several categories of licensing exist for private commercial enterprise operators and employees.

A Security defend is described by using hire bodyguard for travel the  Private Security Act 2004 as someone who is employed or retained to guard, watch or guard any belongings by any approach which includes:

o By patrolling the assets in man or woman; or

o By tracking the property by way of working a protection machine that utilizes closed circuit tv, a closed monitoring device, radio or other comparable alarm device.

To paintings as a security guard, a person ought to hold a security licence issued by way of the Licensing Services Division.

Steps to obtaining a security licence

All new licence candidates have to efficiently complete the permitted education requirements brought by an Victoria Police authorized schooling enterprise; undergo a Criminal History Check; and deliver two man or woman references

Security licence schooling necessities

The following devices of competency are the minimal access-level requirement for licensing as a safety guard:

o PRSSO201A Communicate successfully within the protection industry

o PRSSO202A Maintain administrative center safety

o PRSSO203A Work effectively in the protection industry

o PRSSO204A Work as part of a group

o PRSSO205A Provide safety provider to customers

o PRSSO206A Provide first resource

o PRSSO207A Respond to safety chance scenario

The gadgets were decided on via the police from the Asset Security Training Package PRS03. Each unit is nationally identified and may best be added by means of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In addition, all Registered Training Organisations handing over education for security licensing purposes ought to be approved with the aid of Victoria Police.

Security licence schooling fees

Security licence training costs vary between Registered Training Organisations. As a manual, charges variety from $595 to $2500.

PSG Australia is a Registered Training Organisation Provider Number 21750 and authorized by Victoria Police to deliver safety education for licensing purposes. The corporation presents FREE education to candidates eligible for the Australian Government Work Skills Vouchers Programme

Paul Simmons is the Registrar of PSG Australia – a Registered Training Organisation (Provider Number 21750) and an authorised Victoria Police education business enterprise.